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Targeted population. The project addresses three clearly identified target groups:

Professionals and service providers

Case workers under the new accommodation scheme

Refugee communities, refugee SGBV survivors or at risk of SGBV

Empowering professional and refugee communities to detect, identify, address and prevent sexual and gender based violence in Greece

The project aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of the qualitative features of sexual and gender based violence within the refugee population in Greece as well as to increase the capacity of professionals and case workers in camps and the ESTIA accommodation scheme to detect, identify, address and prevent SGBV.

This site aims to disseminate the knowledge and material produced through the project and is addressed professionals and service providers in health, legal and social services both from the humanitarian and public sector (social workers, case managers, health professionals, legal advisors/lawyers, NGO’s personnel, etc.); case workers under the ESTIA accommodation scheme; refugees and migrants; victim support services; experts on the field and national authorities competent on SGBV issues.

This website has been designed in the framework of the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).

Sexual and gender-based violence (S) GBV is a widespread public health problem and a major human rights rooted in gender and power inequalities. Asylum-seekers, migrants and refugees residing in reception facilities and urban accommodation scheme in Greece are especially vulnerable to sexual and gender - based violence. Information provided by UNHCR and NGOs working in the field suggest that the number of incidents is large, that many incidents are not reported and, most importantly, that a significant number of reported incidents are not and/or cannot be adequately managed.

Physical and/or sexual violence is an acute problem in refugee populations, where women, children and other vulnerable groups (LGBTI) are exposed to increased risks of gender-based violence (WHO). SGBV is a horizontal issue of concern both at entry points and refugee camps but also in the context of the ‘new’ urban accommodation structures and schemes in the course of implementation (UNHCR scheme and the EC Emergency Support to Integration & Accommodation' ESTIA programme) that supports refugees and asylum seekers and their families to rent urban accommodation.

Latest news and events

October 21, 2020

Final Webinar Info and Public Dialogue Event – EMPOWER_REF

June 11, 2019

Kick off meeting, January 17-18, 2019

Informing and empowering refugees and victims of violence or people at risk is an important aspect of preventing SGBV.


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